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"If we hole up I want to be somewhere familiar, I want to know where the exits are, and I want to be allowed to smoke." - Ed, Shaun of the Dead (2004)

This is something I have wanted to do for a very long time - explore each possible situation from the eyes of the person experiencing it, in all it's gorified glory. I have already covered 10 frightening situations from an objective perspective, as an observer, here. However, my real aspiration, driven by my lust for all things zombie and my unrelenting hunger for zombie stories, is to write from the perspective of someone caught in such a situation, during the early days of the apocalypse.

This is it!

I hope that you, my readers and fellow zombie fanatics are as excited about this upcoming series of zombie stories as I am.

The Format

1. Each of these zombie stories will be approx 1000 words - short but satisfying (I hope!). 

2. There will be one character.

3. Third or First person. 

In the following situations and possibly more, as and when I am able to get the old grey cells functioning at optimal capacity. You can even suggest further situations down there in the comments section (would be much obliged!). 

Subway Train      Hospital          Stadium          Traffic Jam          Airport

Concert       Supermarket      Shopping Mall       Theme Park     Cinema 

Anyway, that's enough blabbing. The time has come for what you all came here for - the zombie story....

A Subway Train - Into the Depths

There was no warning, no portent of any sort. It just happened. One day, the world was safe and we were secure in our comforting routine existence, the next it was all gone, as if God had seen fit to wipe clean the slate upon which he had lovingly created us. Only, he didn't finish the job. Within a day the world fell apart, and myself, I had no way of knowing if it were just my small existence, my tiny insignificant part of the world that was afflicted.

I know now, though.

 When I finally stopped running and hiding as a rat seeks refuge from the exterminators that would systematically wipe it and its kind from existence, I eventually found the means to attempt communication - nothing, just dead air ominously loud in my ear. By the time I managed to break into an abandoned house on the outskirts of Richmond, hunger and thirst ravaged, there was no electricity and therefore no way of knowing whether the rest of the world had suffered the same fate.

It began last Monday morning during rush hour.

 My self and Peter – a colleague of mine were on our way to work as usual in the dim light of the early winter morning. I remember it clearly. The date was 17th December 2013 and as usual, UK was readying for another Christmas, meaning subways were more packed than usual, even at 07:30 in the morning.
Crammed into the middle carriage with Peter somewhere ahead of me amidst a sea of bodies, I was just drifting off, my head resting on my shoulder, when the noise began.

I remember it clearly because it seemed strange that so many people would utter it at precisely the same time. It was a hacking, almost snarling cough that erupted all around, thankfully, I was protected by a wall of bodies. At the time, I remember being thankful for being out of the firing line, all those germs flying through the air.

It soon became apparent that germs were the least of my worries.

The horror began as a series of frightened gasps and curses as if something worse than coughing was happening with one of the sick, but it was coming from all around, cursing, then pushing … then the screaming started.

The train was already in motion by that point and there was no escape.

Jostled one way and the other by the panicking crowd, I held on tightly to my position by the door, knowing I had to flee and struggling dangerously against the panic that was quickly spreading throughout the train.
The screams were horrific, never ending screams of fear and most frightening of all – pain, severe and terrible as somewhere, just feet from me lost in the bodies pushing against me, people were fighting savagely.

That’s what I thought at first. I thought people were fighting each other, as if a gang war had erupted in the train, but as I cowered against the door, my face pressed upon the glass as the force around me increased, I knew it was something much worse.

My body was aching with the force of the pushing behind me and more and more frequently hands would scrabble at my clothing, pulling me, but there was nowhere for me to be shoved to – thankfully. The savage animal-like snarls erupting all around were drawing nearer and more frenzied, and my body shook with fear with each liquid splash upon my face. I prayed the spots of liquid on my face weren’t blood, but when I peered at my reflection in the glass, the light illuminating my face against the blackness of the tunnel beyond, I saw that it was. The fresh warm blood there sent me into hysterics.

I’m not ashamed to admit it. I pissed myself right there as I waited for the doors to open.

Fully grown men were crying in my ear, their fear bubbling up and converting them back into little boys.

The doors finally did open and I was the first through them, though on either side of me, bodies surged past me, slamming into me and almost knocking me off my feet but I rode the crowd’s movement and was silently thankful for the cover provided me.

I still had no idea at that point what it was we were running from, but the relentless, insistent moaning and screaming not far behind, was enough to spur me on. I knew that whatever they were, they were killing. That was all I needed to know.

Up we ran, not waiting for the escalators on their slow ascent, passing gaping onlookers as we moved.
In the streets, I thought we were safe but as we emerged into the morning light, the grey skies overhead casting a grim sickly pallor over the scene, my hopes faded completely. The streets of Richmond were in chaos and I finally saw the source of the savage animal-like sounds.

Men and women, most in work clothes, now ripped and bloodied, hanging off them like useless rags, ran this way and that, their eyes wide and crazed as they sought out others, like us, unaffected.
I ran then, and didn’t stop until the incessant screaming; screeching cacophony of noise was way off in the distance behind me.

That was 4 days ago.

Alone now. I sit and wait, either for help to arrive, or …. I can’t even think the words. I saw what they did when they finally caught up with their victims, these crazed lunatics. Every turn I took as I ran brought me face to face with the scenes of butchery.

They don’t use weapons.

I haven’t bothered to board up this little cottage. I daren’t in case the noise attracts them.

I’m going to try to sleep now, I haven’t slept in 4 days and even the shadows are taunting me now.

Hopefully, I won’t wake up, but I doubt I’ll be that lucky.


They're coming ... it's only a matter of time.

Hey all you zombie loving folks. It's been a while, in fact it's been more than a while since I delivered on my promise of writing a zombie story a week and I'm sorry for those of you in waiting. What can I say? I've been behaving like a zombie for the past few months, guess I bit off more than I could chew, eh?

Anyway. I'm happy to announce that I plan to begin writing zombie stories and sticking to my original promise, by May 1st 2013 so people, keep an eye out for either a continuation of the Green Haven series OR a completely new story.

I'm serious this time! Real serious... The stories are back, I can feel them pawing and scratching at my skull, dying to get out and be released onto these pages!

So prepare yourselves and be ready for the coming gore I shall soon bring to the fore!

Peace out, Zombie lovers.


The Curse of Green Haven (Part Two)

Fagen loomed before him mountain-like, a grim look on his face as he regarded John from the interior of the hut.

"Who are they this time?" Fagen asked as he drew his sword from its sheath, a monster of a sword, almost 5 foot in length. On the battlefield, the mere sight of Fagen's impressively muscled, 7 foot figure was enough to cause even the bravest of men to gasp in fear but when his bastard sword was raised, ready to strike most men fled rather than stand and fight. John didn't blame them. He had fought alongside this man countless times and watched in awe as he cleaved his way through whole crowds of men foolishly attempting to take him down.

If there was anyone John wanted by his side in this fight, it was 'Fagen the Mountain', famed leader of the Horel mountain clan, long since wiped out in the war infamously known as 'The Fall of the Mighty.' Too many had died and Fagen chose a life of obscurity, wishing never to fight again. He had married and his wife had borne him two sons in his new home in the village of Elm, home to the survivors of the terrible war, 10 years previously.

War had found him again. 

"It's the cursed. They must have tracked me here ... i'm sorry." John said, as the screams outside grew closer. The dead were at Fagen's door.

Turning to his wife, Fagen nodded in the dim light and exchanged a knowing look with her and his two young sons, before turning and heading into the horror outside.

By now the other warriors in the village, all clan survivors from the war, were armed and fighting to save the village from the dead, that streamed inexorably from the black maw of the forest like moths to a flame. They only had one ambition. To kill the living.

"By the gods, what are these things? Fagen asked, visibly disgusted by the sight of the rotting crowds of things that were once men.

"These are the cursed I told you about, yesterday." John whispered as if afraid the dead might hear, and a frown marked his features as regret washed over him. He should have known ...

Never one to back down from a fight, in a bellowing voice Fagen turned to John, fire in his eyes and roared "Well let's send them back to hell!"

A group of 6 of the dead converged on Fagen, hunger in their eyes but Fagen was hungrier and swung his sword in a savage arc that cut through the pack surprisingly easily, spraying black ichor into the air like tar. Fagen smiled. This was going to be easy. They had no weapons. They were slow and stupid and seemed to be made of butter. Roaring he plowed forward into them, his sword dishing out his fury left and right. They would pay for disturbing his people, his new life.

"Remember what I told you, Fagen." John called out, "Go for the head. It's the only way to kill them.". He thought he heard Fagen grunt in response but he couldn't be sure. Ahead of him one of the cursed was hammering the door of a hut in a frenzy, its head slamming against the wood with its fists and John's hatred burned brightly within him as he took its head from its shoulders with one swipe.

They were easy to kill. That wasn't the problem. There were just too many of them. Thousands had fallen on the battlefield 2 weeks earlier, each one of them becoming the walking dead and since then there was no telling how many more had succumbed to the untiring horde. Alone they were weak. Together, they were unstoppable and John knew they had to get out of the village before it was too late. They would be overwhelmed and eaten .. or worse, become one of the cursed.

Grabbing one of Fagen's men by the arm, John bellowed, " Tell your people to gather everything they can and meet up at the bridge. Do it now before its too late. We have to leave."

The man looked him up and down in disgust and said, "You are asking us to run away, like cowards?"

"No, I'm asking you to leave now and live to fight another day. We are too few. These things number in the thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands. Think of your families. Please ..."

Looking into the man's defiant eyes, he saw the same fire that burned within Fagen. These men were born to fight and asking them to run from this fight was a great insult to them. However, seeing something in John's eyes the man turned and began gathering up the other villagers, knocking on doors and spreading the word.

If they were lucky, most of them would be spared. They could cross the bridge and burn it, preventing the pursuing cursed from reaching them ... for a while, at least.

The Curse of Green Haven

John’s eyes flicked open as the first screams began and he sprang to his feet, sword in hand and quickly span, scanning the dark interior of the small hut he had spent the night in but he was alone. They hadn’t discovered him … yet, but he knew it was only a matter of time judging by the proximity of the anguished screams around him. 

He had to leave now, before the village was completely overrun. There would be no escape for him then and the unthinkable would happen. He’d be torn asunder, just as so many of his friends and comrades had been on that terrible night 2 weeks previously, when the dead had begun to walk and … feast upon the living. 

Bracing himself for the horror that was sure to be waiting outside, he took a deep breath before pulling the flimsy wooden door open, just a crack, enough to see the immediate proximity in front of the hut. In the darkness, broken only by sporadic torches here and there, he made out the shambling forms of the dead as they steadily filed into the small village from the tree line he had come from just the day before.

 They had followed him.

 He had brought death to this village. He cursed whatever foul magic had unleashed these creatures upon the living before stepping into the midst of them as they stumbled by moaning insistently. 

The dead around him wore all manner of garment. Some wore the bloodied tunics and chainmail of soldiers, soldiers he had slain 2 weeks earlier while others were dressed in simple peasant clothes, farmers, maids … children. Those nearest him reacted to his presence immediately and lurched for him, grasping hungrily for purchase upon his flesh but John easily sidestepped their clumsy forms and not wasting any momentum, lopped off their heads as he turned this way and that, leaving a swathe of bodies behind him as he moved, heading for the center of the village.

 Killing had become second nature to him, especially where the dead were concerned. When the first dead had begun to rise from the battlefield 2 weeks before, he and his comrades had quickly discovered that the creatures could only be silenced by separating their heads from their bodies.

 However, knowing how to dispatch them wasn’t enough to save his comrades. There had simply been too many of them and one bite was enough to spread the foul poison that ran through their veins. One by one, they had all succumbed to the dead until finally, John was the last. He swore he would not rest until the creator of this evil spawn had died on his blade. 

Cutting down the last of the creatures ahead of him, he saw that the way to the center of the village was clear, for the moment and hurriedly made his way to the door of Fagen, the village leader.  

To be continued …

Great Stories from across the Net

This is the first of the stories in my new 'Stories from across the net' series which I'll update once a week for you zombie lovin folks!

Zombies on a Train is about a group of people who find themselves trapped on a train during a zombie apocalypse and end up in a fight for their lives as the entire train succumbs to the virus.

A Thrilling read. Check it out!

Here's a quick spoiler -

 He put his arms around her for the first time in over a year and embraced her, hugging what was once his wife closer to him until her head rested on his shoulder. Just for a moment, he felt the hurt that had been his ever present companion for the last year, drain away and she seemed to hug him back. Then he felt a searing pain as teeth sunk deeply into his shoulder, ripping easily through the flesh and his wife uttered an animal-like growl, tearing her head back, her mouth filled with her husband’s flesh. He screamed then, howling in pain but he never let go of her. Her companions quickly began to join the feast, their hungry forms filling the hallway. He felt teeth on his other shoulder from the one-eyed corpse behind and looked up just in time to see a gaping mouth closing on his face.

Zombies on a Train

10 of the Worst Places to be at the Outset of a Zombie Apocalypse (10)

10. An Airport

We come to the final installment at last, and this scenario is also one that hasn't been shown in movies in any great detail to my knowledge, even though an airborne virus would mean an airport could become a very dangerous place indeed! In a situation where a quarantine isn't set up fast enough there could be infected passengers arriving from multiple countries on multiple planes which would amount to an airport full of zombies.

It would be terrifying and once again you would be running for your life, both from the zombies and the crushing crowds that may trample you if you get in their way. Every man for himself would be the order of the day which makes this scenario a worthy addition to this list.

There is one factor which takes away a lot of the points that this scenario may have had though. That is the security forces in the airport. There are always police with firearms close at hand who would put themselves between you and harms way. They can't however kill the virus if it is airborne which is another reason for the placing of this scenario.

Fear Factor: 7

Risk Factor: 6

Horror Factor: 5

Total Score: 18

The end has come upon us, it's over!

Final Standings:

1. Hospital - 30
2. Stadium - 29
3. Subway train - 28
4. A Concert - 27
5. A Supermarket - 23
6. A Shopping Mall - 21
7. A Traffic Jam - 20
8. A Theme Park - 20
9. A Cinema - 19
10. An Airport - 18

This is my opinion and my perspective and I know that without a doubt were someone else to make this same list with the same places, it may well be very different from the way I have seen and described it and I accept that. There are just so many ways that a zombie Apocalypse could pan out and the variables are endless in quantity.

I hope you enjoyed the ride and I guarantee there will be more articles just like this one, coming very soon so please pay me another visit.

Feel free to comment as I'd love a debate about zombies, my passion!

Books I have Read

9. A Cinema

A cinema would be a very scary place to be indeed if the zombies were to wander in while you were watching a movie. The darkness would mask them until the last minute and before you knew what was happening, they would be upon you. However, I think it quite unlikely that zombies would find their way deep into a cinema, all the way to the screens when they have other easier prey all around them outside.

There is a chance, albeit a small chance, that an infected person would still go and see a movie despite being very sick and if that happened, then it might get very sticky indeed in the darkness of a cinema depending on how quickly the virus becomes full blown when transmitted through a bite or a scratch. There are three exits but you would also be running in the darkness along with all the other panicking movie-goers so the experience would leave you wetting your pants for sure.

I think that the worst thing that would happen though, is that the zombie apocalypse would be raging outside while you are oblivious to it, enjoying the movie. Stepping outside into the chaos would be a huge shock to the system and that may be enough for anyone to quickly become zombie fodder.

Fear Factor: 7

Risk Factor: 6

Horror Factor: 6

Total Score: 19

Despite the obvious risks in this scenario a cinema could still turn out to be nowhere near as bad as one would think it might when all the variables are taken into account.

See you for the final installment, coming soon!

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